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Complete Pest Services, Inc   gives honest advice and practical ideas for safe, effective control of household and / or structural pest problems.


RESIDENTIAL:  We offer customized residential pest management. Each program is tailored to the individual customers needs. Whether your pest problem requires scheduled services, or just one treatment, we can outline a program that will meet your needs, without monthly visits. As a residual treatment is not meant to last indefinitely, a minimum of 3 treatments per year is required to give a continual control guarantee. This means the treatment will be on a residence working so bugs will not survive there as they invade or intend to harbor there.  As a full-service pest control company, we also have programs for:


COMMERCIAL:   restaurants, grocery stores, motels, hotels, etc


INDUSTRIAL:   production plants, mills, factories, etc


INSTITUTIONAL:  hospitals, nursing homes, schools, clinics, etc


The insects shown on our "Insect Slide Show" page are common in western Montana, but are they a pest?

Are they just a nuisance?  Do they spread germs, diseases or viruses? Do they harm your building? Most

are probably not welcome in your structures. If you have any questions regarding our service, please contact

us and we will be glad to assist you with your pest control needs. Estimates are free.


                                                                  ~ STRUCTURAL PESTS ~


Carpenter Ants    are a serious structural pest that should be addressed immediately. Moisture problems/leakage from pipes, roofs, etc., attract them to nest. These areas include doorways, window sills, floorboards and rafters. As they chew and excavate their galleries, they will compromise the integrity of your structure. They leave piles of debris, frass-wood and insulation. This is why they are called carpenter ants.


Termites    do live in Montana. They have been found in Missoula and Ravalli Counties. Termites come from underground. They consume the wood and build tubes with their excretions to tunnel from the ground to the wood in a structure. The tubes also protect them from the drying air. They can do extensive damage.